Are you ready to unlock the power of kindness in your workplace? 

Research shows that kindness isn’t just a feel-good notion – it’s a powerful tool for building thriving organisations. But leaders often struggle with translating that knowledge into actionable steps.

Introducing Kinder Conversations, the podcast that dives deep into creating kinder, more successful workplaces. 

Hosted by Tim Keogh, Co-founder of A Kind Life and #1 bestselling author of Kinder Conversations, this podcast features inspiring conversations with industry leaders about their approach to kindness, the impact it’s had on their people, and practical tips you can implement in your own organisation. 

Daniel Elkeles
We're thrilled to launch the first episode of Kinder Conversations, the brand-new podcast hosted by Tim Keogh, Co-founder of A Kind Life.…

At A Kind Life, our mission is simple: to empower leaders to create workplaces where everyone feels valued, engaged, and motivated.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped over 50 organisations from the UK to New Zealand and New York, to achieve tangible cultural and behavioural change through our unique methodology. We work with you to craft core values, purposeful behaviours, and learning resources that cultivate positive experiences at all levels. 

Because a kinder organisation is a better organisation. 

In each episode, you'll discover: 

Together, we can create a kinder culture. At pace. And at scale.

If you would like to create a kinder culture that unlocks your organisation's potential, get in touch using the form. We’d love to hear from you.
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