Kinder culture

Accelerate and nurture a kinder culture

Culture is your organisation’s DNA. It’s what makes your organisation unique and provides the building blocks for success. Get it right, and everything else will follow.

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A kinder business is good business

Unlocking business success begins with giving your people the skills to embed meaningful values and behaviours into their daily work lives.

We work in partnership with you to craft core values, purposeful behaviours and learning resources that will help cultivate positive workplace experiences at all levels of your organisation. Our solutions are tailored for lasting change. Ultimately, our goal is for everyone involved within your organisation – from team members right through to consumers – to feel empowered by a positive workplace dynamic rooted in kindness and mutual respect.

Our unique approach


We blend your expertise with our experience


We collaborate to create social movements that help you become your best


We embed values and behaviours and sustain the change with rich online learning tools

Kick-start your culture transformation

Kindness into Action

Sustain the kindness revolution with engaging CPD e-learning modules, to cultivate kindness and undo unkindness.

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Respectful Resolution

Reduce bullying and other poor behaviours through discussion and de-escalation, rather than disciplinary.

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Kinder Feedback

Give everyone the confidence to make those difficult conversations easy, talk it out without falling out, to speak up safely.

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Leading with Kindness

Proven leadership transformation through practical emotional intelligence and kinder management skills.

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Recruit for Kindness

Hire people who share your values, shape their future behaviours and reap the benefits of diversity.

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Culture Snapshots

Sustain the change by asking about what really matters, when it matters most.

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Insights & news

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Respectful Resolution: Five Steps to a Kinder Culture
Based on the latest figures, 21-25% of people in the NHS feel they’ve been bullied in the past year. Our Respectful Resolutions model can help…

Together, we can create a kinder culture. At pace. And at scale.

If you would like to create a kinder culture that unlocks your organisation's potential, get in touch using the form. We’d love to hear from you.
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