Our unique approach


We blend your expertise with our experience.

With a keen eye for the intricacies of your organisation, our team of experts get to know the inner workings of your teams and use their own words and experiences to shape a culture journey brimming with opportunity.


We collaborate to create social movements that help you become your best.

Collaboration is the key to cultural transformation. We work with you to bring clarity, connection and change into your organisational culture, as well as working with your teams to generate powerful shifts in mindset and behaviour that drive positive change.


We embed values and behaviours, and sustain the change, with rich online learning tools.

Our solutions foster long-term sustainable change through online learning tools designed to empower users with the skills and knowledge needed to craft an enduring culture of positive behaviour.

Who we’ve helped

We’ve helped to transform more than 50 organisational cultures

Insights & news

Why Kindness Can’t Wait: The Urgent Need for Intervention in NHS Scotland
NHS Scotland is in the midst of a deadly epidemic, and it’s having a devastating effect – on staff attrition rates, on quality of care…
London Ambulance Service was shortlisted as Trust of the Year – and it’s culture was key
Recently, the London Ambulance Service was shortlisted as “Trust of the Year” by the prestigious HSJ Awards. From a record-breaking pool of 1,456 entries, LAS…
Healthcare workers smiling
Respectful Resolution: Five Steps to a Kinder Culture
Based on the latest figures, 21-25% of people in the NHS feel they’ve been bullied in the past year. Our Respectful Resolutions model can help…

Together, we can create a kinder culture. At pace. And at scale.

If you would like to create a kinder culture that unlocks your organisation's potential, get in touch using the form. We’d love to hear from you.
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