Leading with Kindness

Because kind leadership is good leadership

Create a culture that enables employees to be enthusiastic, involved and highly productive.

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A flexible and integrated approach to moulding leadership

We know that people learn in different ways, so we offer a blended approach to fit your needs.

Practical emotional intelligence

Role modelling is an intrinsic part of organisational culture; for excellent organisations to succeed they need strong and positive role models.

We help leaders and managers to become role models of values in both thought and action. Our ‘you get what you give’ coaching framework helps to build emotional intelligence, self-awareness, behavioural flexibility, practical positivity and real empathy in leaders and gives them tools to coach attitude and behaviour in the team.

choice cycle you get what you give.
strength based coaching tool.

Appreciative, strengths-based leaders

By focusing on strengths, rather than weaknesses we help develop authentic, relational leaders.

Gain access to a unique 360 profile to show you how to use strengths to be a more authentic leader and improve outcomes. We help managers to build engaged teams through everyday strengths-based coaching using our STRONG model. And to create teams that learn through feedback with our BUILD and ‘ABC of appreciation’ tools.

Reduce bias, build equity and diversity

Diverse teams produce better results, and yet too often organisations recruit, promote and reward employees in a way that doesn’t respect diversity or promote equity.
We are committed to reducing inequity. Our leadership development tackles this issue head-on by building awareness of our unconscious biases with practical approaches to overcome them.


Build strong relationships


Optimise your mindset


Understand your strengths


Nurture yourself


Control the controllables


Expand and grow

Build resilience and BOUNCE forward

We strive to cultivate thriving work environments where staff can reach their full potential – and developing resiliency is a key skill in achieving this. Our BOUNCE approach offers a suite of evidence-based tools designed to help people tackle challenging work pressures head-on with confidence.

Learning outcomes of Leading with Values

The busier people are, the more they benefit from focusing on their own wellbeing and resilience - yet the less time they have to do so. That’s why we’ve distilled the key tools and topics into bite-sized sessions. Topics include our BOUNCE resilience programme, practical positivity, mindfulness and self-kindness.
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High-impact development modules for face-to-face and online learning

To embed your new approach, we offer all the training and tools necessary to sustain change and make a real difference within your organisation. Training and tools include:

Together, we can create a kinder culture. At pace. And at scale.

If you would like to create a kinder culture that unlocks your organisation's potential, get in touch using the form. We’d love to hear from you.
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