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Listen to the voice of your employees at scale

Give every employee a voice and act on insights with confidence.

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Ask the questions that matter

With our survey, you can understand what’s really creating or destroying engagement in your organisation.

Employee engagement surveys should cover more than employee satisfaction. Over the past ten years, we’ve listened to tens of thousands of employees about their experience at work and have identified the drivers of employee engagement, each supported with dedicated questions.

Improve consumer experience through employee engagement

Employee experience drives consumer experience. Our survey approach maps the links between staff and consumer experience, across five domains of positive psychology, as well as the staff and consumer emotions that drive employee engagement.

Put the right insight into the right hands

In partnership with world-leading insight platform, Qualtrics, our surveys allow you to capture real-time information about your culture, as well as:

See how you are doing, and why

With visuals that make interpreting the survey results a breeze, you’ll get an instant snapshot of the big picture. Easy-to-read word clouds and clustered free-text help uncover the root causes of your scores so that you can take decisive action fast.

Prioritise actions through clever statistics

Give your decisions the statistical edge with powerful pre-configured analysis. Knowing what to prioritise first has never been easier.

Reconfigure reporting to fit your needs

With just one click, create custom reports tailored to services, roles and any other demographic data.

New Zealand DHB benchmarks

There are currently six DHBs reaping the benefits of our employee engagement question set. In August 2018 we published a comparative report for these six DHBs. This report will continue to be refreshed as further DHBs choose to benefit from this approach.

A range of options for every need

Offering online dashboards for managers to view their team’s results in real-time, to clear, highly visual PDF reports and management presentations, it’s easy to see how our survey approach is already driving significant, rapid improvement for healthcare organisations around the world.

Recognition & value

When people feel respected for who they are, and that their efforts are noticed and valued.

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Connection & support

When people feel a good sense of teamwork and support in their team, with other teams and from leaders.

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Saftey & wellbeing

When people feel safe from poor behaviours, and that their work contributes to their wellbeing.

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In summary

Collect insight to innovate on company culture

Together, we can create a kinder culture. At pace. And at scale.

If you would like to create a kinder culture that unlocks your organisation's potential, get in touch using the form. We’d love to hear from you.
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