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The simplest, kindest, and most effective way to give and receive critical feedback - without criticising.

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Do differently

BUILD your new approach to speaking up

Making lasting change starts with the courage to speak up. But it’s important to do so in a productive, safe, and kind way. Our BUILD model is a simple 5-step structure for giving meaningful and critical feedback without critique or judgement. For many healthcare organisations where speaking up is crucial to safety, our BUILD approach has become their chosen way of giving feedback – and now other sectors are learning how BUILD can transform their culture too.

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Give the confidence and motivation to speak up

Our interactive models build the skills needed to make those difficult conversations easy.

Gain the confidence and motivation to speak up through a series of short videos from A Kind Life founder Tim Keogh, that contain powerful stories, the BUILD approach and the reasons for speaking up about rudeness, bullying, performance and safety.

Learn the foundations of effective feedback

Access a range of interactive exercises designed and tested to embed key learning points into your organisation. Interactive exercises include:
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Access 12 video scenarios everyone will recognise

Learn from twelve interactive video scenarios that have been co-created with leaders, managers, frontline staff, clinicians and educators. Each video has been designed to demonstrate and test giving feedback in a range of day-to-day situations, such as:







Appreciation is as easy as ABC

Studies show that successful teams experience five times as much appreciation as critical feedback. Appreciation can make all the difference to performance, engagement and confidence, so it’s essential that any speaking-up programme keeps gratitude at its core.

Access support when you need it, wherever you are

Our Speaking Up interactive training has been developed with organisations like yours, who are already seeing people having safe conversations to de-escalate issues before they become problems.

Optimised for any device, your workforce can learn where they like when they like. And, as the training is compatible with Moodle LMS, you can get up and running straight away.

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Together, we can create a kinder culture. At pace. And at scale.

If you would like to create a kinder culture that unlocks your organisation's potential, get in touch using the form. We’d love to hear from you.
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