Episode 3

Dr. Andy Cope

Author, speaker and renowned happiness specialist

What's the secret to boosting happiness and wellbeing? 🥰 (Spoiler alert – it's simpler than you might expect)

This episode features Dr. Andy Cope – author, speaker and renowned happiness specialist.

Andy joins Tim Keogh for a lively and insightful conversation, exploring practical ways we can improve our happiness and wellbeing, as well as the happiness of those around us.

Tune in to discover:

💚 The power of presence: Discover how simply being present with others strengthens relationships and fuels happiness.

💙 The ripple effect of kindness: Learn how your positive energy can uplift those around you, creating a chain reaction of wellbeing.

💚 Self-care as kindness: Understand why taking care of yourself is a crucial first step towards greater kindness and happiness.

💙 How to raise kind children: If you’re a parent, gain insights on how to role model kindness and raise compassionate individuals.

💚 The “to-be” list: Shift your focus from endless tasks to cultivating the kind of person you want to become.

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Dr. Andy Cope

Episode 3 Author, speaker and renowned happiness specialist What’s the secret to boosting happiness and wellbeing? 🥰 (Spoiler alert – it’s simpler than you might…

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